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Chaffey College Students:

We would like to share important information regarding the Student Success Act of 2012. The Student Success Act of 2012, Senate Bill 1456, was signed into law in September 2012.

Below are the new state regulatory changes that affect new and returning California Community College students.


New & Returning Students

New and returning (not enrolled in the previous semester)Chaffey College students must complete the following components of the Student Success Initiative by June 19, 2014 (for Fall 2014 semester) to receive a preferred registration date:
  1. Complete and Submit a free Chaffey College application

  2. Attend an Orientation session

  3. Take the Assessment Test*

  4. Create an Educational Plan with a counselor
Click here for Steps to Register at Chaffey College

*Alternative Assessment
Students who have completed English or mathematics courses at another college verified by official transcripts, earned a score of 3 or higher on an AP examination in English or mathematics verified by official AP Transcripts, submitted EAP results verified on the high school transcript or earned the required score on the CSU EPT, SAT II Writing Test, or ACT English Test may complete an Alternative Assessment Form and submit to the Counseling Department. The Alternative Assessment form can be found on the Counseling department website at

Current Students

To maintain your prioritized registration and financial aid eligibility, you must maintain the following:
  1. Remain in Good Academic Standing (2.0 GPA or above)

  2. Not exceed 100 units

Unit Capacity

Any student who exceeds 100 units (excluding 500 level courses) will lose prioritized registration.

Prioritized Registration

Priority registration has been legally mandated for the following student groups:
  • Enrollment Priority: Eligible veterans, foster youth, active EOPS, DPS, and CalWorks students.

Financial Aid Eligibility

Beginning Fall 2016, students who do not maintain Good Academic Standing,, and/or meet academic progress standards will lose their Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver

Matriculation Exemption

*Students who have earned an associate’s degree or higher, plan to take one course only, plan to take a performance or activity course only, or refuse services may complete an Exemption to Orientation, Assessment, and Educational Planning form and submit to the Counseling Department. The Exemption to Orientation, Assessment, and Educational Planning form can be found on the Counseling Department website at Students electing an exemption will be issued a registration date during the last grouping of registration appointments.

Student Success Initiative Information

For more information regarding the California Community College regulations for student success, visit the California Community College Chancellor’s website:
or the Chaffey College website:

An informational video is also available at

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